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School Dazed…

After reading about my previous ‘senior moment’ episode last Friday, my best friend sent me a text message reminding me of a certain girl back in college — the one that got away because I was too timid.

Sounds familiar, huh?

Dang! 29 years, and he still remembers it…

It was, I recall clearly, my second year in university when I developed a terrible crush on one of my classmate. She was a chemical engineering student and I was training to be an architect. Although we were from different departments, we both shared the same Spanish class for one semester.

Yes folks, those were the days when we were forced, este… required, to take up 4 semesters of basic to intermediary Espanol in order to complete our course.


She wasn’t just pretty by any standard, to the eyes of an awestruck college student barely out of his teens, this particular girl was a goddess who could have made it as a model or maybe even start a career in the movies. She kinda reminded me of this Filipina actress from the 1960s who was touted as having one of the most beautiful faces in local showbiz.

I kid you not, she was THAT pretty.

I became so infatuated with the movie star lookalike that, more often than not, I found myself gazing at her while she listened intently at the language instructor harping out the day’s lesson in rapid-fire Spanish.

Looking back, I think I paid more attention at the comely, doe-eyed lass with the long dark-brown tresses than to the actual lesson, or to that aging tisoy in front of me explaining the rudiments of the Castillan grammar.

To this day I’m still amazed at how I was able to pass the dang subject.

Perhaps it was female instinct, or woman’s intuition at work because several times during class she would turn her head and glance at my direction — seemingly aware that a pair of goo-goo eyes were admiring her fine facial features from a few seats away.

Embarrassed at getting caught looking at her like some weird lovestruck stalker, I’d hastily shift my gaze and pretended to look at the blackboard.

I know, it’s pathetic… Ouch!

It went on this way for the entire semester. There I was, the dufus, being content with just admiring her from a distance while she, the ethereal beauty, continued teasing me, coyly seducing me with her womanly ways. It was like a silent game being played out without so much as a word being spoken.

I never did sum up the courage to talk to her. More than anything, it was the fear of rejection that kept me at a distance the whole time. By the time I came to my senses and was able to muster enough guts, which was towards the end of the semester, it was too late — she was already seeing a guy from another class.

Story of my life…

And you know what the worst part is? I never learned. I’m still the same dufus that I was three decades ago.


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