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It could have been a scene lifted from an off-Broadway musical, or a badly shot but well-choreographed movie, but its not. It’s real, and it’s, well… fun.

I’ve been to countless weddings in my life, including mine of course, and all of them I can rightfully say are yawn-inducing, and as exciting as watching paint dry.

I first saw the clip of this recent You Tube sensation while watching NBC news the other night, and man, was I totally blown away by the couple’s originality… and that was even before I watched the whole video of the wedding march/dance routine online. And judging from the looks on the face of the wedding guests, so were they. No wonder it has so far received more than 5 million hits (and counting fast), a week since it was posted online, and garnered more than 30 thousand comments as of this writing.

Goes to show that in spite of the prevailing cynicism and soaring divorce rates, people are still romantics at heart. Yes, including yours truly…

Talk about memorable weddings, this one takes home the cake. And oh those shades, they definitely added to the “coolness” factor of the entire presentation, and they were especially good on those two hot-looking bridesmaids that preceded the best man.


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