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On my way home yesterday a pedicab tried to cut in front of me, nearly hitting my right fender. Damn, I thought, that stupid driver of the three-wheeled contraption picked the wrong guy to piss today.

I was tired, and wanted nothing more than to rest my aching back after a long drive. A hectic day at work and an unbelievably heavy traffic have all but brought out the grumpy and irritable person in me.

I was about to press the car horn in anger (I had just recently installed a new horn, which is several decibels louder than my previous one, to be used specifically for this kind of situation) when I noticed that the pedicab guy’s knee-length shorts was slowly hiking down below his waistline, exposing almost half of his not-so-delicious-looking booty for everyone to see.

A Godawful sight indeed, but humorous nonetheless. Watching him trying in vain to pull his shorts (as well as his dignity I suppose) up — which kept slipping down anyway as his foot kicked on those pedals — was enough to calm me down a bit, and made me totally forget about my anger.


Look ma, no undies!

Hmm, maybe I ought to give this guy my old, unusable underwears to give them a new lease on life…


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