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Since moving to this God-forsaken corner of Manila six years ago, going to bed and waking up to the non-stop blaring of those cursed loudspeakers (yes, the very ones parked outside my bedroom window, four stories below, churning out an assortment of Michael Jackson songs as I’m typing this) has become part my everyday life. Silence it seems, has become such a rare commodity in this place that, if I do get it, I’d probably have Mother Nature to thank for the favor.

And so it was that I thought I’ll be enjoying another one of those rare moments of “quietness” last week, when typhoon ‘Feria’ threatened to make its way towards Manila. Minutes prior to the hours of the evening (between 8 to 10 pm, announced PAGASA) that the typhoon was expected to pass through, the street was miraculously cleared of its “trash”.

Vendors and sidecars had already sought shelter in whatever nooks and crannies they could find. And save for a few hardy souls who preferred to wait it out in the open, the street was virtually empty, and more importantly… quiet.

Nothing like the fury of nature to strike fear in the hearts of these intrepid entrepreneurs…

But alas, ever the finicky woman that she is, mother nature decided, at the last moment, to take a detour. And no sooner than PAGASA announced the not-so-good news, out came the dvd vendors in full force, with their makeshift stalls, and yes… those dang loudspeakers.

And so the torment continues.


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