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… these two words are almost always inextricably linked to one another. Like two peas in a pod, they go hand in hand, or, as the old song goes: “… they go together like the horse and carriage”. Take the case of South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford, who went AWOL and incommunicado for a week, on a pretense that he was going on a solitary hike in the Appalachian Trail. Problem was, not even his staff and most especially, his security people, have any idea where he really was — which isn’t a good thing, what with the ever-present threat of terrorism hanging over everyone’s head like Damocles’ sword.

Worse, he failed to transfer the reigns of power to his lieutenant governor, which is standard operating procedure in governmental hierarchy, thereby leaving a power vacuum and putting his own state in peril.

His own family, too, was as clueless as the rest.

Turns out, during the seven days he went “missing”, the absentee governor went further south of the American border, in Argentina, not to study tango but to shack up with a divorced woman with whom he was having an affair with for the past year.

Talk about improving foreign relations…

And this from the man who, at the height of the Clinton-Lewinski scandal, voted in favor of impeachment, citing the need for “moral legitimacy”.

So much for his moral righteousness, eh? I bet the former US president is laughing his buns off watching the SC governor make an ass out of himself on the evening news.

Caught with his, err… pants down, the embattled governor has since publicly confessed to marital infidelity, and have offered to step down as president of the Republican Governor’s Association. Plus, he can kiss his 2012 presidential ambitions goodbye for now.

Nothing like a scandal to push you off your moral high horse…

Oh well, at least he gets high marks for his candor, and for having the decency to admit to his year-long extra-marital fling — which is more than what I can say about our very own Lotharios in high office. It’ll really be a cold day in hell before any of them publicly admit to any impropriety, sexual or otherwise, and voluntarily resign their post in shame.

Oh, I forgot… the word ‘shame’ doesn’t even ring a bell to these people.

Hmm, maybe governor Sanford should take a lesson or two from our savvier politicians.


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In Memoriam…

June 25 proved to be a very sad day for the entertainment world, and quite a busy one for the grim reaper.

70s sex symbol and iconic pin-up girl Farrah Fawcett finally lost her battle with the big C, just days short of her planned wedding to long-time partner Ryan O’Neal.

To those of us who spent puberty in the era of disco, bell bottom pants and wide collared shirts, Fawcett will always be remembered not just for her role as Jill Munroe in the original “Charlie’s Angels” tv series, but as the epitome of a seventies sex symbol as well.

The untimely death of the king of pop Michael Jackson came as a big shock to his millions of fans, and it quickly sent shock waves around the world. The news of his sudden passing hit everyone hard because, unlike Ms. Fawcett, MJ was never known to have any medical problems prior to his death. He was in fact, all geared up to perform in 50 sold-out concerts in a come-back tour starting July of this year in England.

The biggest pop superstar ever to come out of the MTV era, no other star in this generation has even come close to the phenomenal worldwide success achieved by this former child music prodigy. With a career spanning almost four decades — starting from his days as the youngest member of The Jackson 5, to his meteoric rise as a solo artist — he was a consummate artist, both onstage and in the recording studio. Eccentricities and controversies aside, his influence in both the music industry and pop culture is undeniable, and it rivals that of Elvis Presley’s and The Beatles.

It’s safe to say that we will never see the likes of him again, even in the succeeding generations to come. He was truly one of a kind.

On the personal front, an uncle (the husband of a second aunt) also passed away on the very same day as the two iconic figures. It was the end of his long and hard fought battle with cancer that saw him endure one chemical treatment after another.

He was the quintessential old school businessman who made his fortune through hard work and sheer determination, and thus was able to provide his family all the best things that life here in these islands has to offer. Fortunately for him, that drive to succeed and business acumen have been passed on to his children, my cousins, who along with my aunt have since taken over in managing the family business.

At least he can rest easy knowing that his legacy is left in able hands.

RIP uncle Robert…

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AI freakout…

I never realized how freaking emotional — to the point of being ridiculous — some people can really be when it comes to their idol… until I saw this video on You Tube.

This blond wacko kinda gives a new meaning to the word Fanatic, doesn’t she?

Then again, the whole thing could have been staged, just like that psycho bride freak-out that became a You Tube sensation about two years ago.

On a side note, that is one cool basement set-up. Wish I have a place like that…

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The year was 1961. The legendary Arsenio “Arsenic” Lacson was still the undisputed (and many say, the best) mayor of Manila, and future dictator Ferdinand Marcos, then a senator, was still four years away from the coveted seat in Malacanang. On this very day, almost half a century ago, my tiny lungs took in its first ever whiff of fresh air in a small community hospital. Ominous dark clouds were then looming over the horizon, threatening to unload its watery contents on the entire city.

And true enough, two days after I came out of my relieved mother’s womb kicking and screaming, the typhoon came. It was powerful, according to Mom, the strongest among the dozen or so that usually visit the country each year.

The hospital — which was located not far from where I live today — constantly dripped, from the ceiling down to the walls, as mother nature continued its relentless barrage of wind and rain on the embattled city.

Then, as it is at present, the torrential rains brought with it the centuries-old scourge of Manila…

As Mom would later recall, the rising floodwater that inundated much of the street had made its way inside the hospital, slowly creeping into the maternity ward on the first floor where she and the other moms were confined. And before anyone could react, the murky water had already risen ankle deep, effectively trapping them and their newborns (including tiny little me) on their bed for the next couple of hours.

Quite a pretty wet and exciting start to an otherwise, “dry” and boring life, wasn’t it?

PS: Unlike that infamous leaking shanty in presidential hopeful Manny Villar’s cheesy political ad, the hospital is now long gone. It has since given up its existence to the ravages of time and modernity.

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Weekend funnies…

It’s not that I don’t have anything to write or rant about, I do. I’m just finding it difficult, nay, near impossible to write anything — at least, anything that would pass off as an entry — for my weekend post.

Maybe it’s because I’m still pissed after what happened last Wednesday (read my last entry so you’d know what I’m talking about). Then again, maybe I’m just not inspired. Oh okay, that’s just another way of saying I’m too damn lazy to write today.

So, what’s a blogger to do when his muse suddenly decides to take a day off? Why, put in a filler of course! And I have just the perfect filler for the weekend… something that came in my electronic mailbox the other day courtesy of my best friend. It made made me laugh after seeing it, and God knows how much I needed to exercise those sagging facial muscles more often.






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I hate pedicabs. It’s no secret that I’ve been harboring this deep-seated feeling of disgust towards them for the longest time, especially at the ones running loose like packs of wild dogs in our street. And after what happened yesterday, that feeling has become more intense than ever.

I was just about to cross an intersection near our place when out of nowhere, this pedicab appeared from my left and tried to cut in front of me. I quickly stepped on the brakes to avoid him but it was too late. All I could remember after that was the car shuddering, and the sickening sound of metal rubbing against the fender. That was all it took to jolt me out of my complacency, and ultimately raise my blood pressure.

And to think, I was on my way home after a hard day’s work to relax! F%$^#@$%

Why these f**king idiots think their foot-powered contraptions could out-accelerate a four-wheeled, gas-fed vehicle is beyond me. But what really got my heart pumping faster than an overworked air compressor was the fact that this A-hole, after making an ugly gash on my bumper, was trying to make a dash for it.

Totally ignoring Mom’s constant reminder never to get entangled with these people as many of them are professional muggers who have no qualms about sticking a knife up your fleshy parts, or that his sidecar buddies might gang up on me, I quickly got out of the car and was able to grab the pedicab’s rear part (or whatever they call it), thus preventing him from scooting away.

At first I had wanted to wring his neck in front of everyone (dang, who cares about his buddies, I was pissed, and I wanted payback. I want to him pay for his stupidity), but seeing that the driver was a guy who, in my estimate, is already well into his late fifties I calmed down a bit. No sense in beating up an old guy over a scratched and dented bumper, I thought. And I doubt if he even had enough money on him so why bother asking him to pay for the damage?

As the traffic was already building up behind me, I had to let him go…. but not after unleashing a couple of unprintables at him.

So did that make me feel any better? Nah! because at the end of the day the f**king idiot got away with nary a scratch nor an empty pocket, and I’m still left with an unsightly gash on my bumper.

Dang! I knew this month would be a downer…

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Murder for hire

The discovery last week of the remains of a woman who have been missing for two years is a grisly reminder of what the rich and the powerful in this country can do to anyone who makes the mistake of crossing them.

For a paltry sum of P50,000 each, 5 men were ordered to abduct a young mother, kill her, and in a style reminiscent of the gangland murders of the past, stuffed her inside a steel drum and encased in cement.

And to make sure that the body will never be found (or so they thought), they were further ordered to seal the drum inside a steel casing and then thrown into the water for good measure.

P250,000… Life is indeed cheap in these islands. And you know what the worst thing is? With their money and their political connections — not to mention, their expensive lawyers — they almost always get away with murder…

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