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Taong grasa…

He walked past me, half-naked; his entire body covered with the by-product of the city’s never-ending quest for progress.

He is by all estimate still young, probably in his early thirties. And yet, he walks as if he carries the burden of the world on his back.

Homeless and desperately in need of nourishment, he wanders aimlessly like a raft lost in a sea of humanity who, by far and large, takes little notice of the man dressed in grease and soot.

What unfortunate circumstances made him that way I wondered… how could someone born in this world full of possibilities turn into what many would regard as the dreg of modern society?

Looking at him I realized that despite all my problems, perceived or otherwise, I can still count myself as fortunate; and that my setbacks, though too many to count, were mere inconveniences — minor actually — compared to his own plight.

How stupid of me to be ranting about my woes, I thought, when I could have ended up like this guy, or even worse…

So, taking pity on the man — coupled with the noble intention of feeding a downtrodden individual for at least one day — I fished out a few bills from of my wallet when suddenly, I noticed, he stopped walking…


He looked around, and perhaps finding the perfect place to rest his weary legs, he nonchalantly took out a crumpled pack of cigarettes from the pocket of his dirty, well-worn shorts and lighted up.

And there he sat, on the sidewalk… deep in his own thoughts and with nary a care in the world, he puffed away happily.

I promptly returned the peso bills in my wallet and walked away…

I’ll be darned if I’m gonna help feed his vices.


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First, it was my Globe wireless broadband trouble; then it was last week’s aborted birthday celebration due to typhoon Frank; and now comes the final blow… my total loss of internet access at home.

Yes folks, my dial-up connection — which is my only link to the www these days — has gone kaput as well after my phone line suddenly lost steam yesterday, and developed a severe case of dial tone loss.

Man, it looks like this month is not going to end without it giving me a few more headaches to gripe about…

And the worst part is, it happened on the eve of a weekend, and knowing how things work in this country, I could probably expect those repair guys to come calling sometime next week. That is… if I’m lucky.

I was hoping the service would be back this morning, but when I woke up the phone was still as dead as a doornail. So I decided I’d just hie off to The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaves inside Robinson’s Place to avail of their free Wi-Fi access, with of course, their ultra expensive coffee.

But, just as I was about to slide my laptop into its carrying case… the phone rang. The darn thing suddenly came alive again, and just in the nick of time because I’d really hate to be reminded of work on a weekend by lugging a laptop inside a mall.

Anyways, all’s well that ends well… for now.

Have a great weekend, everyone.

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Rather than write about those oh-so-tiring issues that’s been hounding the dailies lately, I thought I’d just share these images from my sister’s forwarded mail. Okay okay, I confess, my mind’s a total blur and I’m just too darn lazy to write anything this morning… there, I said it.

Next to an air-related disaster movie, THIS is something you DON”T want to see before taking off into the wild blue yonder…


I know golf courses have strict policies…


… but castration? Ouch!

Talk about irony…


… if the noise from those jackhammers don’t get to her unborn child, that cigarette between her fingers sure will. Keep on puffing lady…

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I’m seeing… green

I was a bit reluctant at first to watch the second big screen incarnation of the not-so-jolly-green monster from Marvel Comics — no thanks to that disastrous 2003 outing by director Ang Lee. I firmly held on to the belief, then, that if they can’t make it work the first time there’s no reason they would do any better the second time around.

However, since it has Edward Norton playing the menacing Hulk, I thought… okay, this could be interesting. I’ve never figured my favorite actor for a comic book hero, especially one that was mean and green. And although he did have a few thrillers tucked under his belt, he never did get to star in an all-out action flick before.

So, off to the theater I went… and I was not disappointed.

Really, this movie rocked… literally.

I guess buying back the rights to their Hulk character to have more creative control was good move on the part of Marvel Studios. It was however, a million dollar gamble, since the awful memory that was the first Hulk movie is still fresh in the movie goer’s minds.

Then again, leave it to those comic book guys to finally get things right…

Also, their decision to hire Norton — who by the way also helped write the screenplay — to play the fugitive scientist Bruce Banner, AKA The Hulk, proved to be a wise one. Norton have certainly brought more depth to the character of the tormented scientist, something that was sorely lacking in the first movie that starred Eric whatshisname.

Question now is, will we be seeing more of the green menace now that Marvel Studios has made a not-so-subtle hint of its devious plan of world domination?

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The latest sea mishap involving 800 plus passengers is tragic in a sense that it once again shows the laxity of both the authorities and shipowner. This is eerily reminiscent of the MV Dona Paz two decades ago wherein thousands of passengers lost their lives, making it one of the worst sea tragedies in history.

For sure, fingers will be pointed and publicity-hungry politicians will again call for an investigation in the coming weeks. But in the end, nothing will come out of it. We never learn. Then again… it’s the Pinoy way.

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I wrote once that June is the month I dread the most, because if anything wrong that will happen (at least in my life), it will most likely occur on this particular month.

Yesterday, being my natal day, I had planned to take everyone out for lunch in one of the joints along the restaurant row behind the Mall of Asia. By “everyone” I mean Mom, my brother and sister and their kids. It’s sort of a joint birthday celebration, since we never got the chance to celebrate Mom’s birthday last June 12 due to some unavoidable circumstances.

My kid brother, who is temporarily based in Pangasinan up north as plant manager of a gas company, even drove for five hours the day before just to attend the double celebration.

But I guess mother nature, in her foulest of moods, has her way of ruining what would have otherwise been a fun day for everyone, especially for my little nieces. I mean, who would have thought that typhoon Frank would suddenly change its fickle mind (PAGASA did after all, announce that it was moving towards the Visayas) and decide to veer off from its original course, then dump its entire load on the city the next day?

And Manila, being the perennial flood magnet that it is, found many of its streets under water, turning everyone into a virtual prisoner inside their homes. As if that wasn’t bad enough, we were without electricity for the most part of the day, which left me cooling my heels off in my dingy little corner with nothing to do but reflect on… whatever.

Man, of all the days this crazy weather decide to wreak havoc, it had to choose THIS particular day. Talk about getting washed out…

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A short b-day post…

In less than 24 hours I’ll be three years shy of the half-century mark. Yes folks, I’ll be forty seven freaking years old tomorrow, and in three years time I’ll be hitting the big Five O. And what have I got to show for all those years of living in this world? Let’s see…

— Finished school, but never got to do what I was trained for.

— Planned to travel and see the world, and maybe settle in some far-flung shores, but that obviously didn’t happen.

— Worked my butt off for the same company for almost 20 years, and getting passed over for promotion twice.

— Gotten married, and it ended in disaster.

— Went into business a few years back and it ultimately went belly up, leaving me broke for several years.

Dang! There wasn’t much of an accomplishment is there? The more I look back, the more I realize that my life has been a series of one mishap after another.

Then again, what the heck… that’s life.

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