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Send in the Clowns…

Watching part of the senate hearing on the ZTE scandal the other night, I couldn’t help but feel sick and yet… be amused at the same time.

Sick, not because of Lozada’s revelations of greed among government officials, that’s old hack anyway, but at the sight of that poster boy for pompous asses, Jinggoy Estrada, among the panel of senators in the investigating committee. Excuse me but, shouldn’t HE, of all people, be the last person to be investigating a multi-billion peso scam to rip off the taxpayers?

My amusement however, came in the form of feisty senator Richard Gordon who — while railing about the administration’s lack of political will in stamping out corruption and punishing the guilty — inadvertently (or not) took a snipe at the Estradas by giving as an example the recent pardon of ex-president Joseph Estrada a few weeks after he was found guilty of plunder.

The look on Jinggoy’s face after that tirade was… priceless. *insert evil laugh*

Clowns, all of them I tell you…

And about that supposed “secret” meeting of whistle blower Lozada, Neri and senator Lacson at the Makati Shangri-la hotel, who the f**k hold s a secret meeting in a very public place anyway? And at a 5-star hotel at that. What, they think everyone who works there are deaf and dumb? They might as well have put up a sign that said “Do Not Disturb, Secret Meeting Going On”.


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