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A weekend food jaunt… part 1

Thanks to blog friend Carla’s unsolicited recommendation through one of her post, I found myself wandering into Cyma Greek Taverna last Saturday, at the Trinoma Mall. Well okay, it’s actually a choice of either a cholesterol-filled lunch of steak and mashed potatoes at Holy Cow!, or a lighter and healthier Mediterranean fare.

I chose the latter, obviously, not because I wanted to be healthy but simply because I’ve never had an authentic Greek food before, and for a good reason; Greek restaurants in these shores are as rare as say, taxis on a rainy night or an honest politician in congress. And save for the chicken moussaka that I had many years ago during a hotel-sponsored food festival, my gastronomic exposure to this Mediterranean cuisine is somewhat limited to those ubiquitous Shawarma stands dotting the city.

Fortunately, for local foodies like moi, there are young, forward-looking Pinoy entrepreneurs/restaurateurs who are determined to uplift the palate of the ordinary Filipino by introducing them to the different culinary delights once reserved only for the well-heeled jetsetters, and Cyma being one of those establishments.

As it was my first time dining there I thought I’ll start with the basics, then gradually work, I mean… eat my way up the menu.

Home-made pita bread and Hummus dip


Lamb Gyros and grilled potatoes


While the prices of the grubs are still far from being labeled as “elitist” by any standard, neither are they considered cheap. However, the huge portions of the servings more than made up for the P400+ ($10 US) I paid for my lunch that day.

Oh, and did I tell you that the food in there was good too? Superb even? And that I will be back one of these days to sink my teeth on their lamb chops?


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