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BBB (Bored Beyond Belief)

It’s the last day of the month again, and boy am I glad it’s over. It’s been a crappy month for me and I shudder at the thought of what the next month will bring. Will it be better? Or will it be worse than what I am going through right now? These days, I seem to be suffering from what I believe is called a mid-life crisis. Being single and with no familiar attachments except for my Mom seems to be getting boring as the days go by. Questions like, what the heck am I doing with my life or, is this as good as it’s gonna get, keep popping up in my head.

These days, I seem to have lost my energy and the drive in my daily routine. Same thing day in day out, and not a relief in sight. Friends tell me to go out more often as I used to to get my mind off things but, will that really help? I’d say that’s more of a temporary solution to my situation. Tell me to get a life eh? Well… this is my life as I know it. I have one word for what I am feeling these days, UNCERTAINTY. *sigh and double sigh*


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DSL woes 2…

This DSL service really sucks, yesterday I had to re-do my post all over again after I lost the first one. I didn’t realize that I was timed out while writing my blog and just when I clicked on publish, the dreaded message appeared on the screen telling me that the document contained no data, which means bye bye post. Awww %$^#$@$#, not again!!! Paying a premium for this lousy service is highway robbery I tell you. I’ve already complained about this to customer service last week and the very same day, a representative called me up to check on the problem. The technical people he said, couldn’t find anything wrong with my connection and that it’s probably my telephone extension that’s causing the frequent disconnection. WTF??? I’ve been using their service for the past 7 months and the disconnections only started happening on the 6th month, so it is safe to say that my telephone extension has got nothing to do with this, right? He said he’ll get back to me and keep me posted while they look into my problem. For a few days after that, the connection went back to normal and I assumed that they were able to find and fix the bug, until yesterday.

I AM seriouly thinking of switching to another DSL service provider, but since I have signed a two year contract with this carrier, that would mean I have to pay a hefty amount/fine for pre-terminating the service contract. Simply put….I’m screwed

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Two Women….

This morning I phoned a friend with whom I do business with in his house, he usually holds office there in the mornings. His wife answered, and was her usual bitchy self. She said he wasn’t there and hung up immediately before I could thank her (heh, no manners). I tried calling again after an hour, his wife answered again and this time told me, in a loud voice “HE DOESN’T LIVE HERE ANYMORE, IF YOU WANT TO TALK TO HIM, CALL HIM ON HIS CELLPHONE”. WTF was that???? BIATCH!!!

Later, I was able to contact my friend and told him what happened. He aploogised for his wife’s behaviour and admitted that they were having marital problems, and that he is indeed living elsewhere temporarily. Heh, I wouldn’t blame him. With a wife like that, I’d probably pack up and leave too. I’ve only met her a few times and I can say she is a First Class Bitch and according to my friend, a royal pain in the butt. Sometimes, while we were having an important meeting, she’d call up to check on him or to ask for money. Geez, I’m surprised they stayed together long enough to raise 3 young boys. I know he will try to patch things up between them, knowing a divorce with that woman would be an expensive proposition.

On a lighter note, my good friend in IRC finally started her blog, kudos to you Twi. Interesting character this woman from Indiana, a computer graphics designer by trade with her own company. She loves to write and of all the people in the channel, she’s actually the most well-versed. I’ve been trying for weeks to get her to blog but she was quite hesitant to do it, knowing that once she starts, she may never be able to contain her rants about other poeple (Heh, I’ll make sure she doesn’t). Well last night, she decided to create her own blog, and what a start, she posted two entries and the second one just gave me the shivers. Check out this post: “Death Watch”

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Something smelly this way comes…

I went to the supermarket to buy some stuff for my Mom today, and after getting everything that I needed from the shelves I went straight to the payment counter. Hmmm…Only two counters are opened (It was half past noon) and a line was beginning to form at both counters. I saw that one of the line had only a few people and the other one was quite long…Strange. Haha, their loss my gain, and off I went to take my place on the queue, a big guy with loads of groceries in his cart followed quickly behind me. Whew! made it in time, I was actually only a few people away from the counter. Wow, this is a good day…Or so I thought.

After only a few seconds standing on the line I began to smell something funny, no wait.. it wasn’t funny smelling but geez, it was overpowering I really couldn’t describe it. My first instinct was to smell myself, sniff sniff… nope not me, I took a long shower this morning. Then I casually looked behind me to check if it’s coming from the big guy. Nope, wasn’t him. Then suddenly it occured to me that the smell was coming from the lady ahead of me, I couldn’t make out who she is but she was talking to a kid in Hokkien with a heavy mainland accent, indicating a mainland chinese who probably just got off the boat. Gawd, the smell coming from this lady is so bad it hurts! No wonder everyone is lining up in the other counter. They must have smelled this lady earlier and moved to the next counter to avoid the evil stench. Geez, I wonder how long has it been since she took a bath( Felt like throwing up already). Anyways, I decided to make my stand so as to avoid the long queue in the next lane and held my breath for as long as I could, sometimes breathing through my mouth. Question: How do you tell a woman she stinks to high heaven without getting bitch slapped?

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Oh man, got tagged twice in less than two weeks. First by Hedonistics Anonymous, and now by the Poisonous One. Ok ok this has got to stop, and since I don’t have anything in mind to post today, I might as well join the fun…

7 Things I plan to do before I die:

1. Go on a Safari in Africa and maybe shoot me a Lion and a Rhino and have them stuffed (Kidding, I love animals).
2. Go backpacking across Europe and get myself laid across the continent.
3. Visit the Himalayas and see Mt. Everest (Look only, no climbing…Heh,I’m not crazy)
4. Have a kid or two (Hey I need to pass on my genes)
5. Drive a Porsche and a Ferrari at over 200mph along the whole stretch of the Autobahn.
6. Go diving with the dolphins in Hawaii or wherever they can be found.
7. Hitch a ride on a fighter jet and fly at supersonic speed…Zoooooommm *barf barf*

7 Things I can do:

1. Be tactful and not say a thing even if the person is becoming obnoxious (No, I just whack him)
2. Go online on my PC and watch CNN or any other program on TV at the same time.
3. Eat pastries, Ice cream and other baked goods everyday without gaining weight (It’s in the genes)
4. Forgive anyone who crossed me (Especially when they’re down and out)
5. Do a 200 lbs bench press when I was younger(Hey, it still counts, right?)
6. Sketch anyone’s portrait using charcoal pencil (Used to do that for friends)
7. Sing a hell of a lot better than any of those guys who hang out in Karaoke bars (Move over Michael Buble).

7 Things I cannot do:

1. Speak Mandarin (Was too lazy to learn back in school…regrets,regrets)
2. Do laundries.
3. Iron my own clothes.
4. Stay away from junk foods and salty snacks.
5. Ride a bike (Yeah, go ahead laugh).
6. Pay attention at meetings.
7. Stop smoking.

7 Things that attract me to another person:

1. Eyes
2. Lips
3. Slender body
4. Good sense of humor
5. Long legs
6. Intelligence
7. Having a good command of english

7 Celebrity crushes:

1. Monica Belucci (HoooooT!!!!!)
2. Angelina Jolie (Boy, would I love to bite on those lips)
3. Maria Sharapova (Athleticism and beauty= Great in bed,mwahaha)
4. Shu Qi (Loved her in “So Close”)
5. MTV Asia VJ Denise Keller (I blame Hedonistics Anonymous for showing me her pic)
6. Kate Beckinsale
7. Kylie Minogue (Ya gotta love those buns of her)

7 Things I say the most:

1. WTF???
2. Oh Man!
3. Damn!
4. Really??
5. Oh Shit!!
6. Oh Geeez
7. Hey

7 bloggers I am tagging:

1. Vanillaskies
2. Jenna (True hearts Forever, though she hasn’t posted anything new for weeks)
3. Prowling wolf
4. Maryet (She’s kinda new at this blogging thing, but what the hell…Tag her)
5. Mack (He hasn’t posted anything in weeks too, maybe this will jolt him out of his sleep)
6. Chauzie (Don’t know him but he commented on my post, but anyone’s fair game right?)
7. Humour and last laugh (Yeah, we’ll see who gets the last laugh….Humour me)

Good luck Guys! Mwahahaha (I wish I can re-tag hedo, beer brat and melancholy)

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Weekend Ranting….

I am really pissed at this company I’m representing, not only they put me in a spot with their stupid decision but they actually wanted me to take responsibility for their stupidity and turtle-like pace in doing things which almost always result in late deliveries. The blame always goes to everyone except themsleves and their stupid people. WTF??? Do I have to do the work of these people who should have been doing their job in the first place? Damn them!!!

I’m seriously thinking of talking to another company to represent for this client and shove the present one deep into their own ass, since they can’t even make the right decision and keep on depending on stupid employees. 2 years ago, I advised them to hire a specialist who knows the ins and outs of the merchandising process to help them, since the owners themselves are busy with other projects. But noooo, they’d rather do it themselves, very typical of old fashioned chinese way of doing things. The result? CONFUSION. Sometimes they run around like headless chickens not knowing which way to go, lots of opportunities are lost because of this. And this is the result of the Boss being away most of the time, leaving the office in tatters. Whenever an important decision is to be made, I have to wait, wait, and wait. Geeez, I often wondered how this Woman ever stayed in business all these years. It’s Saturday for Chrissake and I’m getting stressed out. SHIT, whatta way to spend a weekend.

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Meet my Ex

People often ask me about my marriage, my ex-wife , why we never had kids and why it ended in separation (Not a painful one though). While I do admit that I was never a perfect husband, I did my best to be a good one, really. I never cheated, did my duty as a husband, paid the bills and while I wasn’t that financially well-off, tried to give her a comfortable life not worrying about the mundane task of running a household. She had the freedom to go anywhere she wanted, even staying out late into the night with her sisters or friends. Even our supposed family vacation is spent with HER family, never with mine. So why did it still end? Well, here’s a partial list of whys:

1) She never liked or respected my family, probably because they weren’t as well-to-do as
they are.

2) 3 years into our married life she begins to whine and rant about how she hates her married
life how there’s never enough money for other things.

3) Although she has her own income, and her late Dad’s money, she spends it all on luxuries
and beauty items, seldom on household items.

4) Always laments that we don’t have enough maid in the house (We had 1), though I don’t
know what the other maid is for since we lived in a small 3 bedroom apartment building.

5) Hates my choice of movies, TV shows and my taste in music (She loves the local Soap

6) Thinks my life is boring.

7) Thinks my family is boring.

8) Envies her sisters who married rich guys and always travels abroad for business and

9) Thinks I’m a loser (WTF??? Me a loser??)

10) Always tells me that she misses her “Single” years and still has the Hots for her Ex ( She
still keeps his pic in her drawer)

Some people thought that I was devastated when she left me, truth is….The day she told me she was leaving me, I wasn’t surprised. Heh, I even slept very well that night. I guess I’ve seen the writings on the wall early into our marriage, that this isn’t going to last long and it’s only a matter of time. Do I still wanna get married again? Well….*shrugs*

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