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Politics and Manure…

I was watching the local news tonight and as usual, grabbing the headlines is the political crisis and the damn people causing it…The politicians themselves. Personally, I’d like to line them all up against the wall and blow their empty brains out. Why? Because they are the very reason this whole country is in a mess. As I wrote in an earlier blog about politicians, we shouldn’t blame them for running this country to the ground. The blame actually goes to the people. Why? Because these A**holes wouldn’t be there if the people voted wisely last year. Stupidity is really contagious, and this is the result of that. Sadly, people never learn. They just keep voting stupid individuals into office every election, it’s like they’re giving away their own future for these people to play with. Sometimes, I think that people here have this masochistic tendency to inflict pain on themselves. That’s why this country deserves to be in deep S**T.


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Mr. Know it All

Don’t you hate these “Know it Alls?” To them, what you know or think doesn’t matter. The only opinion that matters is theirs, and everyone else’s is…Crap. Like this guy for example…He used to be an associate who would accompany me to meetings with clients. During the meetings, he would occasionally butt in and regale everyone with his “knowledge” and “experience” on a lot of things. Many times ( Much to my embarassment), he would contradict a client knowing fully well that these people know their business as well as or better than he does. I would have loved to kick his butt right there and then, but I usually end up reminding him to keep his big mouth shut and be tactful in dealing with clients. And his answer? “What the hell do these people know? I have worked for so and so company for many years in this and that country. And I was responsible for that particular brand.” Etc. etc. (Then why the F**K is he working here for a pittance?). I just kept quiet, knowing that it’s all BS anyway.

Well… he’s not an associate anymore Thank God. I might one day get into deep S**T with my clients because of this guy. Tsk tsk, I really pity the man. He so wanted to make a name for himself in the business, so much so that he ended up in his own pile of crap. Hah!

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A blast from the past, part 2

I was rummaging through my old CD collections yesterday, and came upon my stash of cassette tapes dating way back to the late 70’s and early 80’s. I doubt if the twenty somethings today have ever owned one of these. Geez… Some of my tapes are even older than they are. With the advent of CD’s, DVD’s and MP3’s, these things are now considered obsolete and would probably deserve a place in the museum along with the old Beta and VHS video tapes and players. They’d laugh at these things the way we laughed at those bulky 8 tracks then. Heh, I wonder how long will it be before the next generation would laugh at what we have right now.

Anyways, these are some of the artists that I listened to back then. Unless your’e in your 30’s or 40’s, some names/artists might not ring a bell, but I think some record stores still carry them in case anybody is interested…

1) Jim Croce ( I just love the guy, too bad he died young in a plane crash)
2) Carol King ( What can I say, except that as a songwriter, she rules)
3) Bread ( Their songs are kinda cheesy, but we liked them anyway)
4) ABBA ( And who can forget the voices of those 2 Swedish bombshells)
5) Queen (Bohemian Rapshody was The anthem back in High School)
6) Jefferson Starship
7) Kenny Rogers ( Yes, the same guy with the fried chicken joint)
8) James Taylor
9) Bee Gees
10) Olivia Newton John ( For those mushy love songs)

Can anybody remember these guys and their songs? Well, if you do, then your’e OLD…Haha

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Family Planting…

I was channel surfing when I chanced upon this show, a documentary feature that showed a couple with 10(0r is it 12?) kids whose age ranged from 5 to 20 years old. It may sound like a happy family, but nothing could be further from the truth. The father, who works as a driver, is the sole breadwinner of the family. And the mother, well she’s obviously a stay home Mom. The father admitted in an interview that he and his wife never practiced family planning(duh?), and now he’s complaining…Why shouldn’t he? With all those mouths to feed, you need to be earning more than an executive in an MNC in order to give them shelter, food, and a proper education. He should have kept his libido in check (Tsk tsk).

The problem with some folks here, is that they think like their forefathers. In the past, the more children a couple has, the better their chances of living well in their golden years. Yeah, right…If you live in a farm, but this is the urban jungle. The father must have been expecting to get a windfall once his kids grow up and start earning money, but then, shouldn’t he feed them first? At least till they’re 18 and granting they start working right after High School. What the hell was this guy thinking? By the way, this guy has a 20 year old son who looks strong enough to do labor work, but is unemployed. Why is it that people who breed like rabbits and have the most kids, are the ones who can barely afford to have them? It really boggles my mind.

Don’t get me wrong, I would like to have my own kids too, someday. But I will have to make sure that I can afford to give them the quality of life that they deserve before I decide to have them. Only thing is…I have yet to find someone crazy enough to bear my children ( heh,heh). But that’s another story…

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Did a lot of work today, and I was able to finish them in half a day. Great! But that took up a lot of my energy and I was already dead tired by 2pm. Geez, even my brain is all screwed up. Grrrrr..Does this mean that age is catching up on me? Anyways, I can’t think of anything to write for my blog entry today, that little grey matter in my head isn’t functioning properly. Or maybe it’s my mood. Either way, I’m off for the day and hope that a good night’s rest will do me and my brain some good. 😀

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A blast from the past

Yesterday, I read a blogger’s entry recalling the 80’s . Big hairs, Acid washed jeans and jackets, and swatch watches. However, she forgot to include those ever present Shoulder pads ( At least where I come from, they were on every womans clothes). And who can forget the ” Miami Vice” look? Every guy wanted to look and dress like Don Johnson( The lead star of the show, for those too young to remember), and the “Cosby Show” and those cheesy teen flicks starring Molly Ringwald et al. This however, is someone else’s High School memories. Mine was a decade earlier, the 70’s.

My memories of the 70’s was the end of the Vietnam War, Nixon’s Watergate scandal, Oil shortages, and… Disco. Yep, disco was king then, and the center of the Universe for the who’s who ( In the US of A anyway) crowd was the infamous Studio 54. Disco music was blaring everywhere, and the Divas of Disco music were Gloria Gaynor, and Donna Summers. In Pop music, ABBA was making mega millions by coming out with hits after hits ( I have a collection of their albums *snicker*) Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice weren’t household names yet when they came out with ” Jesus Christ, Superstar”. And the clothes…Ughh!! I cringe everytime I think about the clothes we wore during that decade. Natural materials was “Out” and Synthetics were “In”. Polyester was the material of choice for most Fashionista’s then, flared ( And I mean FLARED) pants was the norm, the longer, the better. That’s no problem since everyone was wearing Platform shoes with at least 3 inches of heels ( Yes, even we guys wore them). Pants were’nt the only ones flared, even our shirt collars were flared. Shoot, those collars were so angled and sharp they can be considered as deadly weapons today.

These are the memories that I have of my adolescent years, I’m sure there are a lot more that I didn’t or forgot to include ( My memory isn’t as good these days) in this entry. But these are what is etched forever in my mind from that particular time in my life, it was also during that time when I started noticing girls ( Though I hardly got noticed), and starting lifelong friendships. Sometimes, I miss those innocent times when you don’t have to worry about deadlines, bills and starting a family(Which, I still have yet to do). Geez, if I knew then, what I know now…But hey, whose complaining? 😀

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The Shoe Shine Guy

He was on old guy, probably in his 50’s. Short and frail, he would walk with small steps carrying a small bag containing the tools of his trade. He shines shoes for a living. Going around the narrow maze of corridors of the shopping center in the middle of the textile district of the city, he would go from shop to shop asking if anyone needs a shoe shine. Wearing an old T-shirt and worn out pants, he walks the corridors everyday in sandals and always, with a slight smile on his face. He is a familiar figure in that place, and lots of times, people would ask him to shine their shoes. After which, he’d look for a quiet corner and work. I’ve always noticed that he would sport an even bigger smile whenever he is asked for his service. I wondered what he used to do for a living before, and how he ended up this way. I felt sorry for him in a certain way… Alone, and trying to make a living in the fast and frenetic life in the District. I would have loved to help him, but I was just starting out then, a newbie in the garments and textile business. And my job as a Sales Rep didn’t require me to wear any fancy shoes that needed shining. I was always in sneakers or Topsiders ( I still wear them today) so there wasn’t any work he could do for me that will require me to pay him, short of giving him money but that would tantamount to begging. And I didn’t think he’d want that.

That was more than 20 years ago, I don’t know where or what happened to that old man after I left the District to work for another company. But I still remember him until today, not out of pity but rather, admiration. Why? Because inspite of the seemingly hard luck life that he’s been living, he manages to go around everyday with a smile and is always happy whenever he gets to shines shoes for pitiful amount, which for many of us then, would be just enough to buy a pack of cigarettes. Always grateful for whatever small opportunity that comes his way, he works quietly, and always smiling.

How many of us do you think would be able to wear a smile on our face everyday when faced with such adversity in life?

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